1 Custom Face Mask provides easy and fun ways to personalize 1-of-a-kind, quality custom printed face coverings 1 at a time!  And, we do this with the mission to help the United States make it through these strange and difficult times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Shop Our Site & We’ll Give 50% of Profits to the Best Pandemic Charities

To help, we give back 50% of all profits from this store to non-profit groups that are coming to the aid of millions of people dealing with the pandemic in various ways, like Feeding America.

Face Masks as Part of the “New Normal”

These are indeed odd and unique times as a “new normal” is ushered in.  Let’s face it, in Asia, for a long time time now, face masks have been a common every-day accessory that is pretty much everywhere, and part of almost everyone’s wardrobe.  But, here in the USA it’s still pretty weird to adjust to.  In Asia, though, many face masks you see pass on the street are often very stylish, or even designer brands.  And, in that way they are a lot more fun, like your favorite clothing brands or custom accessories that you already love.  So, why not be fashionable and have fun with your own taste, just like your clothes, when it comes to custom face masks?  And, why not shop where you know your money is going to help donate to the cause in the good ol’ USA!

Adapting Fashion To The New Normal in Fun Ways

As we adapt to this new fashion trend, we believe that opening up personalization to the masses will also help us all assimilate, as everyone express themselves from underneath the masks, and show that not only does life go on, but we can still have fun and incorporate the “new normal” into our lives in ways that we like and have fun with.  We thing this helps making being safe and conscious of social distancing something that can be fun in some ways, too.

San Diego, California Based

We are based in San Diego, CA and the base masks are made in the USA!  So you know that both the manufacturing and the profits from our store will be benefiting the United States in the pandemic crisis.

Easily Design Your Own Custom Mask Online

Use our amazing face mask design tools to craft your next custom face covering for you or your loved ones in minutes.  Upload your own photos, or use our own free graphics and text tools to craft something amazing without needing any special graphics software.  It’s easy and fun to do!

We also have some pre-made masks with some popular designs, that are ready for purchase in the “Shop” section that you can check out, where some may have additional options.