Well guys, it looks like for the foreseeable future, COVID-19 is here to stay. Cases are still on the rise globally, and for those of us in the U.S., a decline in national cases looks very far away. Wearing masks in public is going to be the new normal, at least for a while. And while that’s a downer, at least we’re trying to keep one another safe. We think you should be able to do that in style! That’s why we’ve created 1 Custom Face Mask, so you can design your own custom face masks that you’ll actually enjoy wearing while helping to protect the people around you.


How 1 Custom Face Mask Works

Our online customizer lets you create a completely original and unique face mask in minutes. Your background will fill the entire mask (see the example below) and you can play with solid and gradient colors. Got an amazing beach picture or another photo you want to use instead? No problem, you can upload that as your background image. You can also add graphics, either by using some of the free options on our customizer or uploading your own (make sure they have a transparent background!). Top off your design with some custom text and you’re all set to go. The options are really endless, and the entire process is designed to give you complete control of your final product.

Custom Face Masks Leaves

Giving Back In Style

We’re not in the business of profit without community engagement and support. This site was created because of a global crisis, and many of us are struggling and suffering because of this pandemic. We’re here to provide a service that helps you feel a little better about wearing a mask everywhere, but we’re committed to helping out more than that. That’s why 50% of profits from this site will be donated to various global relief organizations that are helping out people affected by the pandemic, like Feeding America. So create custom face masks today and know that with us, you’re not just buying a product, you’re helping worthy causes.

Design Your Mask