Take your smoking to the next level with very own photo on your very own custom-made Face Mask!

1 Custom Face Mask - Design Your Own Personalized Photo Face Mask

Add your own Photos on your 1 Custom Face Mask

Designing a Face Mask is as easy as 1, 2, 3!  No more emailing photos. Upload a photo directly from your computer or from your phone and get a real-time preview / mockup of your Face Mask!

1 Custom Face Mask - Add Photo and Images

Add a Photo from our Background Library

If you do not have any photos you would like to use, you can also find photos in our Backgrounds Library.  Browse our library of photos, images, patterns, and backgrounds and add it to your design with a simple click!

We have a lot of categories to choose from, simply scroll to browse images by category.

Select your category then favorite image for a real-time preview.  No more waiting for an emailed mockup.  Get to know what your custom photo Face Mask will look like before it arrives with our online mockup.

Add Text to your Face Mask

Quickly and easily add any text you want!  Popular text examples: Name, Nickname, Anniversary date, Favorite Saying, etc.

Customize your Face Mask Font and Color

Choose your favorite font from our font library.  You can also select a font color.

Easily add text, graphics, or logos to your 1 Custom Face Mask.

1 Custom Face Mask offers two options for 1 Custom Face Masks.  You can put your photo on our unbreakable tray or our bamboo wood stash box-Face Mask combo!